About Us

I'm Rhonda, A creator & sewist of everything you see on this site.

I have been working to open this business since 2020. I've always been in love with sewing but quickly found that clothes were not my niche. I came across you tube videos of bag making and could not stop watching them :-). I knew I needed to try it! I slowly bought everything I needed and trained myself to make custom bags.

The name was formed out of me being the "boujee" person that I am :-) & wanting to take basic items and turn them into more luxurious items yet humble in character.

I decided to go with the travel bags i.e. slings, crossbody bags, Wallets, & organizers for both male & female clients. I also create Rhinestone shirts & Hoodies as well as custom embroidery needs.

I would love the opportunity to take your idea and turn into a Sling, Crossbody Bag, Wallet, or organizer. Reach out to me at: info@basicbouji.com

Let's talk soon,